Mark ReinhartDuct Tape is a project by Mark Reinhart, featuring colour duct tape applied to exterior and interior of buildings. In Duct Tape the artist looks to create colour and rhythm where it is not expected and to document public spaces in Kingston that provide space for community and conversation to happen. By applying duct tape to physical structures that govern the spaces, the artist aims to draw attention to both the physical and conceptual structures that work to curb the enthusiasm of how people relate as a public body.

Locations for Duct Tape include:

The Artel at 205 Sydenham street
Duncan MacArthur Hall on West Campus of Queen’ University (interactive)


Temporary Public Art Project – Mark Reinhart from Kingston Arts Council on Vimeo.



Mark ReinhartIn his personal art practice, Mark Reinhart looks for, and looks to create, colour, rhythm, and strategic visual intersections where they are perhaps not expected. He can commonly be found climbing trees, painting with duct tape, and creating intersections with other artists. Mark’s curatorial work involves giving space and stage to artists and collectives who may otherwise rest in the cracks of the social ground from which he encourages them to rise.


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